Industrial Premises

We offer our services to industrial premises such as warehouses (ambient and cold storage), manufacturing processes, maintenance depots and hangars and inspection facilities. Our solutions include the following services:

  • Energy audit Services and studies
  • Energy monitoring and Energy Management Systems
  • Surge Protection Solutions
  • Voltage Optimization Systems (Energy Savings up to 5-35%)
  • Lighting solutions (Energy savings up to 75%)


 Lighting solutions for industrial applications

We use Digital Lumens smart and efficient LED solution that is proven to reduce energy for lighting up to 90% in industrial facilities.
How the Intelligent Lighting System works:

  • Smart Lights: LEDs, integrated occupancy and daylight sensing, and an on-board computer manage and measure system performance
  • Network Wirelessly: Fixtures are wirelessly networked to communicate with each other and LightRules
  • Centrally Managed: LightRules lighting management software provides complete control