Energy Management Services

The Challenge ...

Energy and operational efficiency are key concerns in any organization. Financially, ecologically, logistically and even socially, organizations seek to get a handle on their energy usage and operational costs. Rising energy costs, increased interest in sustainability and stronger financial constraints drive the need for energy management solutions that track, monitor and manage energy and other resources consumption.

The challenge when looking at energy and operational efficiency solutions has always been twofold:

Obtaining the right data in a cost effective way without disrupting the business operation, and deriving actionable insights from the data in order to drive energy efficiency and make informed decisions. These challenges increase dramatically in large multi-site organizations. Excess energy consumption can reach over 30% and is a result of non-optimized infrastructure and behavior across the all sites and load types. Optimizing consumption requires data and actionable insights on an individual load level basis. Managing this centrally, in a highly distributed organization consisting of sometimes many old and untreated facilities requires an innovative solution.

Our Solution.

With our Energy Management Solution, you can quickly remove the roadblocks in your organization to deliver energy efficiency solutions that provide the visibility, power and flexibility to optimize energy consumption. Eliminate unnecessary and expensive energy usage, and keep business—and corporate social responsibility programs—working intelligently. Unlike other energy management vendor\'s solutions, Medesco\'s Solution is not limited to the usage of the data generated by the main energy power-line and or large critical loads, or to existing building automation systems (BAS).

Our energy management system provides the industry leading device-level energy intelligence platform. Our unique wireless non-invasive sensors enable multi-site retail chains to quickly and easily collect real time energy consumption data on all critical loads in each facility without disrupting the business operation, and in a very cost effective way. Our highly intelligent cloud-based online analytics platform enables to derive detailed actionable insights per device, across multiple locations. Such insights are used not only to increase energy efficiency, but also help enterprises manage their facilities more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Features & Benefits

• Easy data access: Our non-invasive wireless sensors are easily deployed across all sites and individual devices. Data is collected and stored in the cloud, and monitored online – providing you and your management with complete visibility into your energy consumption.

• Identify energy saving opportunities in real time: Identify otherwise unknown off schedule or excess energy consumption using real-time alerts.

• Energy initiative prioritization: Make informed energy efficiency retrofit decisions and increase ROI by identifying the specific inefficiency sources across all systems and all sites using benchmarks automatically derived from your own data. Immediately validate the ROI of any initiative.

• Drive green branding and behavioral change: Increase energy accountability and green awareness by making energy insights visible to all stakeholders within the organization.

• Preventative maintenance: Stop resources\' consumption and maintenance\'s costs by operating reactively to failed equipment. Identify unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alerts.